Tour Diary 7/13/2011: Portland OR at Holocene

Walked to a coffee shop and worked on the first part of the tour diary, free wifi. They forgot to put my espresso “on the rocks” and only had half and half. Guess what?: I’m fat, cool. Came back and Eric made a fantastic salad for me, what a host! Loaded in at Holocene and ate a pizza.

Breakfast Mountain played an extended set warming up the crowd with their processed found footage and synths. Rebecca Carlisle-Healy was jamming all night processing portraits of people’s faces. There was one moment in the evening when I looked up at the screen and there was a distorted image of @attica’s face with his eye’s photoshopped away as he DJed this glorious remix of “Moment’s in love”.

Megazord and E*Rock stole the show. Probably the best thing I’ve seen all year. E*Rock blazed some upbeat electro tracks while Megazord slammed on his computer opening hundreds of files and applications. Par Exemple: facebook, twitter, tumblr, Google+, PS2 and more. Things got really crazy when Adam Forkner (member of Purple and Green) joined in the dialogue from an off stage computer, all “deus ex machina” style. The performance ended with the Chronicles of Riddik and Akira playing with some original collaged videos. I thought da ‘Zord was going to rage until his computer crashed. Wish I had some screen shots to share. #cyberpunksnotdead #blackTeashades #hackerfashionisback