MINI MIX for Juiceboxxx’s March Thunderzone Radio

We made a new “mini mix” for Juiceboxxx’s Thunder Zone Radio. It’s 10 minutes of pure nonstop EA classical rage. Our mix starts at 23:40 in JB’s radio show but I encourage you to listen to the whole thing. There are some real gems – USAISAMONSTER, Schwarz, Black Pus, something from gnar tapes, etc..

Here is the tracklisting for our mini mix, TMI or Die:

Dave Chappelle – “legend or tragic figure”
Y.N. RichKids – Hot Cheetos & Takis
City Lights – “Intro”
Machinedrum – “I’m a Brat”
Paul Wall and Lill Keke – “Chunk Up the Deuce”
Deathface ft. @LILINTERNET – “Six Feet Deep”
Le1f ft. Kitty Pryde – “Pocahontas”
Beyonce – “Diva” / Chippy Nonstop – “Money Dance (Ryan Marks Remix)”
DJ @George_Costanza – “Nyan Cat Remix”
Boys Will Be Boys – “That’s Whats Up”
Gita Speaxdaily – “Hood Rich”
Chief Keef – “Citgo”
#HD BOYZ – “Unzip”
Mykki Blanco –“Haze.Boogie.Life”
Hot Sugar – “The Kid Who Drowned At Summer Camp”
Tweenchronic – “Skip Rope”
Hatebreed – “Perseverance”
Nicki Minaj – “Stupid Hoe (Ben Aqua Remix)”
Brooke Candy – “Everybody Does”
DJ DMD – “25 Lighters”
Le1f – “Mind Body”
Extreme Animals – “ Untitled Beat No. 696”
Tila Tequila – “Fuck Ya Man”
Chippy Nonstop – “Jumpshot the Money”
Da Entourage – “The Bunny Hop”
Dubbel Dutch – “Self Help Riddim”
Leprechaun – “Gimme Da Gold”
Anamanaguchi – “MEOW”
Dave Matthews Band – “Crash Into Me”
Lauren Devine – “Luv U Far”
Kreayshawn – “Baby Cakes”
DJ Snake – “Together”


Say “Goodbye” to spring and “Hello” to summer! So much fresh news – ready – let’s do this!

1. We did an interview with Decoder Magazine. Check it out!

2. Our t-shirt and DVD are now available on this website. Up at the top under “STORE”.

3. We played a benefit for Rhizome at the New Museum and it was insane (not “meh”). Big Shout out to Le1f and VenusX who rocked the house as well. Also much love to dearest Lauren Cornell for having us.

3B. (JK!) 4. We have a lot of shows coming up. May 24 at Littlefield with Hot Sugar (record release show) and Big Baby Gandhi. May 26 at Secret Project Robot with Black Dice – daytime BBQ style (bring carrots and taro for the grill). June 12 with the “Milwaukee Maniac” Juiceboxxx. And don’t forget to donate to his important energy drink project. Juice never fails to inspire. More shows announced soon.

5. Also we are doing tons of remixes for lots of artists that use emojis and some that don’t. This is all top secret but still please don’t sleep.

6. It’s raining cats and dawgs.

7. Follow us: @extremeanimalz


January 19th – Ottawa, ON – SAW Gallery w/ Anamanaguchi

Jacob picked me up in a rental car because he had totaled his Volvo earlier that month en route to install at the “Born Digital” art show in Raleigh NC. I served him a cup of cold brew coffee and then we were on our way. Driving upstate is quite desolate but we found a Panera to stop at for lunch. We crossed the border without any problems. We stopped at a Wendy’s for an early dinner and they had poutine. Everybody kept asking us if we had poutine. Jacob laughed at me because I looked around the restaurant as I dipped my French fries in my frostie. Did you know they have vanilla frosties now? That’s just wrong.

We got to the venue and loaded in to find Anamanaguchi sound checking. I wish I could say we were joyful but we must have looked to be in quite a sorry state since we had been driving all day. We sound checked and then I worked the merch table for the ‘Guch guys. Wow, they sell a lot of merch! This was the only all ages show on the tour and their younger fans really came out and represented.

After the show a woman told me to “be assertive” and asked me if “this is what I want to do with the rest of my life.” I was like wow are you my parents? Just kidding, my parents aren’t that rude. I signed a Gameboy which was funny and weird but sweet since the girl who I signed it for must have been negative 10 years old when the Gameboy first came out.

We ended up staying with a friendly stranger named Joe who missed the first half of our set because he had a British Cinema class. When we walked in his house someone was talking about how they had tried salvia for the first time that day. They were smoking a hooka. Another girl had just ordered a dominos pizza with DOUBLE sauce. On the couch a young woman was doing her Spanish homework and looking at videos of sloths. Jacob recommended his favorite sloth vid which had to do with the sloth pooping ☹

Learned about Canadian metal band called protest the hero. Our hosts were such huge fans that they had the tablature (by the way, Fortress of Amplitude book coming out late 2012 at a Guitarcenter near you). I was exhausted and fell asleep on the couch in my denim jacket.

January 20th – Montreal, QC – Il Motore w/ Anamanaguchi & Moon King

Woke up and watched this really inspiring video:

We ate breakfast at a pub and then headed out to Montreal. Wow, it was substantially colder there. Got in some traffic but made it on time to comfortably sound check.

We went to this Vietnamese restaurant across the street that was delicious. I got vegetables and tofu with curry in a fried noodle bowl and an iced coffee. Went back to the venue and played a short but sweet set. The green room was red, wow trippy! Anamanaguchi won the crowd over with some hilarious in between song banter about Nickelback, Canada’s no. 1 Republican band. The audience waved glowsticks through out their entire set.

We stayed at a young filmmakers house. There was talk of country music and Canadian politics before I fell asleep on another couch.

January 21st – Toronto, ON – Wrong Bar w/ Anamanguchi & Moon King

We woke up early the next day because we had a long drive ahead of us. Montreal to Toronto is at best 6 hours and there were threats of snow. Luckily we didn’t hit anything but that is again quite a desolate and flat drive. We got to Totoronto early and unpacked.

Everything was going smoothly in our set until we knocked the mixer off of the table. Whoops, awkward! After we finished played we were ushered out in quite a hurry because German minimal tech DJs were getting paid to rock the crowd. It’s a crazy world. We went to our friends dance party at another club, I ate dumplings but was exhausted. We slept in a loft.

January 22nd – Rochester, NY – The Bug Jar w/ Anamanaguchi & Revengineers

Woke up the next day and Jacob had a photo shoot. I didn’t mind, this gave me plenty of alone time. I got back in touch with my tweets. It felt like we had been going nonstop like Juiceboxxx in 2009: long drives and late nights. I didn’t want to go into the darkness either. Apparently Jacob almost passed out in the photoshoot because he hadn’t eaten anything that day!

We crossed the border with ease and immediately started jamming on our smart phones. Jacob bought a nice bottle of scotch from the duty free – JEALOUS. At a reststop we saw this cool kid wearing a neon beanie with the Monster Energy logo on the side. Jacob discreetly tried to capture the look but all of the photos were blurry ☹ Another kid had a #goodlook: red onsie with pink uggs.

Got to Rochester early so we went to this bar and restaurant around the corner called the The Owl House. It was great to end the tour with a nice meal (seitan meatball sandwich!) and good beers. Very relaxing, they even let me charge my phone behind the bar, booyah.

We sound checked and then went to dinner no. 2 with Anamanaguchi at this gnarly wings joint. I got a giant plate of curly fries and dipped them in Ary’s blue cheese.

Ary (seen above) was kind enough to share his blue cheese.

We went back to the venue and rocked the troll. There were a few rows of kids in the front watching the videos and then a mini pit in the middle of the room. Best case scenario?!? They requested slayer and pantera. This was the only show on the tour where it was actually hot (temperature-wise) on the stage so it was fine with me when we unloaded out back in the snow.

We packed up and said goodbye to our tour buddies. Jacob drove me to the Rochester Amtrack station which was closed from 1:00AM to 5:00AM. Whoops, didn’t anticipate this! Luckily the greyhound station was across the street so I just hung out there for 4 hours before I caught my 5:30 AM train back to NYC.

What a fantastic tour. Thank you Anamanaguchi for inviting us along. :)

Tour Diary 7/10/2011: Oakland CA at Lobot Gallery

Drove to Oakland. Dimples rocked the troll first. Kyle climbed up on a giant bail of hay and did a sick guitar solo. It was kinda cray. When is this band going to get signed to Uncle Kracker’s label? Jacob (of Extreme Animals) said Mikey (the drummer for dimples) looked like Max Weinberg (member of Conan O’Brien) and Kyle looked like Bruce (member of The Boss). Luckily they took it as a compliment. Seriously, what would Juiceboxxx think of Dimples? I guess we’ll never know.


High Castle played some serious musical music. T’was cool to see old friend Wilson from San Diego on the bass and the drummer laid down some “drum and bass” style riffs.

Andy/A Magic Whistle played again at this show. He did some hilarious post show banter, explaining how merch is sold – I guess you had to be there. His whistling was really on point that night, check out his mic stand if you ever get a chance to see him play! Kyle Swick played next, his spaced out synth jamz were accompanied with a bleeding wash of graphics.

@funnycookietime was in the house. @Box_eyes did a nice blog post that briefly mentioned our show:

Eyebeam MIXER September 2010  (24 of 84)

Stayed at the “venue” because I was too tired to drive anywhere. Thanks so much Lobot Gallery ;) #graywatertoilet

Tour Diary 7/6/2011: San Diego CA at the Che Cafe

Woke up and my pink eye was in pretty bad shape. Went to the UCSD health center but they turned me away. So I walked to Peet’s coffee and ordered an extra bold freddo. Everybody in La Jolla: make sure to hit up #FreddoFridays at Peet’s, two dollar freddos all summer long. That’s a good deal.

Anyway, went to Wholefoods and bought pink eye medicine and some Wellness Formula (under Greg Fox’s recommendation). Emailed Juiceboxxx to get some advice about dealing with pink eye on tour.

Tried to pick up my business cards that I had ordered in December 2010 from Imprints. They weren’t at the copy place so I went and got a froyo at Yogurtland, extra rainbow sprinkles. As I was walking home I ran in to Andy Puls (frm Neon Hunk/current A Magic Whistle) driving around lost in the maze that is the UCSD campus. I got in his car and took him back to Frankie Martin’s modern crib. We joked about his car getting pink eye and having one pink headlight…it seemed funny at the time. #dark

Frankie and Erik made us some delicious zucchini enchiladas with beans and rice and then we headed over the historic Che Café. This was the home for Drive Like Jehu, No Doubt, Mr. Bungle and even Simon and Garfunkel. A real important “venue” or “space”.

Cool to see so many of the old San Diego heads still holding it down: Sam Lopez, David Barclay, Skinny Greg, Growling Esteban, Boston Tristan, Author and Punisher’s GF, Chris Woo, Dr. Love, and many more.

Bruisecaster opened the show outside in the Che court yard. This band really plays with it’s heart on its sleeve. I was impressed by the direct lyrics and emotional delivery of the vokills.

Andy Puls’ new band A Magic Whistle was sich. The projected video feed back made his poncho look like a living, breathing tie dye. He used “home brewed” electronic instruments playing beautifully orchestrated, harmonically fantastical songs. Has Mammal heard this music? Gary, I think you would really like Andy’s band.

Q.Q. put on Yellow and Black jumpsuits and did collaboration with Wizard Khalifa. I had the honor of turning on the strobe light. I was so nervous I could hardly believe it. But I think I got it right, they were very polite afterwards even if I messed it up. Thank you for not breaking my fragile heart.

Author Punisher played last and it was completely ill. When is Godflesh gonna open for this guy? I mean, he really is the best of the best in this genre. If you like doom or industrial/doom or industrial or music you must check out San Diego’s THE Author and Punisher. Playing on a stool is definitely the new real deal. So hawt!

NTG Part 2 – Pressure by Author & Punisher

After the show we got into the Suzuki rental car and drove to Santa Barbara. Stayed in a room with a bunch of bats knocking over a cathedral. Jacob was like, “uh…did they pick this room out specifically for us?”