MINI MIX for Juiceboxxx’s March Thunderzone Radio

We made a new “mini mix” for Juiceboxxx’s Thunder Zone Radio. It’s 10 minutes of pure nonstop EA classical rage. Our mix starts at 23:40 in JB’s radio show but I encourage you to listen to the whole thing. There are some real gems – USAISAMONSTER, Schwarz, Black Pus, something from gnar tapes, etc..

Here is the tracklisting for our mini mix, TMI or Die:

Dave Chappelle – “legend or tragic figure”
Y.N. RichKids – Hot Cheetos & Takis
City Lights – “Intro”
Machinedrum – “I’m a Brat”
Paul Wall and Lill Keke – “Chunk Up the Deuce”
Deathface ft. @LILINTERNET – “Six Feet Deep”
Le1f ft. Kitty Pryde – “Pocahontas”
Beyonce – “Diva” / Chippy Nonstop – “Money Dance (Ryan Marks Remix)”
DJ @George_Costanza – “Nyan Cat Remix”
Boys Will Be Boys – “That’s Whats Up”
Gita Speaxdaily – “Hood Rich”
Chief Keef – “Citgo”
#HD BOYZ – “Unzip”
Mykki Blanco –“Haze.Boogie.Life”
Hot Sugar – “The Kid Who Drowned At Summer Camp”
Tweenchronic – “Skip Rope”
Hatebreed – “Perseverance”
Nicki Minaj – “Stupid Hoe (Ben Aqua Remix)”
Brooke Candy – “Everybody Does”
DJ DMD – “25 Lighters”
Le1f – “Mind Body”
Extreme Animals – “ Untitled Beat No. 696”
Tila Tequila – “Fuck Ya Man”
Chippy Nonstop – “Jumpshot the Money”
Da Entourage – “The Bunny Hop”
Dubbel Dutch – “Self Help Riddim”
Leprechaun – “Gimme Da Gold”
Anamanaguchi – “MEOW”
Dave Matthews Band – “Crash Into Me”
Lauren Devine – “Luv U Far”
Kreayshawn – “Baby Cakes”
DJ Snake – “Together”


Say “Goodbye” to spring and “Hello” to summer! So much fresh news – ready – let’s do this!

1. We did an interview with Decoder Magazine. Check it out!

2. Our t-shirt and DVD are now available on this website. Up at the top under “STORE”.

3. We played a benefit for Rhizome at the New Museum and it was insane (not “meh”). Big Shout out to Le1f and VenusX who rocked the house as well. Also much love to dearest Lauren Cornell for having us.

3B. (JK!) 4. We have a lot of shows coming up. May 24 at Littlefield with Hot Sugar (record release show) and Big Baby Gandhi. May 26 at Secret Project Robot with Black Dice – daytime BBQ style (bring carrots and taro for the grill). June 12 with the “Milwaukee Maniac” Juiceboxxx. And don’t forget to donate to his important energy drink project. Juice never fails to inspire. More shows announced soon.

5. Also we are doing tons of remixes for lots of artists that use emojis and some that don’t. This is all top secret but still please don’t sleep.

6. It’s raining cats and dawgs.

7. Follow us: @extremeanimalz