Tour Diary 7/14/2011: Seattle WA at Electric Tea Garden

Drove to Seattle. Got to the cute venue early. Sound system looked amazing, huge subs…I’m talking “pro gear” here. Jacob took a nap in the car while I got some coffee at Café Vita and jammed on their free wifi (wait, have I typed that scenario like a million times in these tour diaries, haha sorry! “That’s Life!” :/).

Brain Fruit rocked the crowd with their synths. Sam Ruosso and Bankie Phones kept the party going until the weird hours of the morning. At 11:30 a bunch of kids in capes and pointy hats left the venue to go catch the midnight showing of Harry Potter 7.5. They were very polite about it though and snuck out without making a scene.

People/bands often complain about Seattle shows but this was really one of the funnest nights of the tour. Everyone was so enthusiastic, bouncing off the walls. There were no arms crossed in the shadows, no “mean mugging.”

After the show we went to our high school chum’s, Nathanial, house for some “R and R”. He lulled us to sleep with some sophisticated funk as he puttered around his apartment worried about a writing deadline. LULZ!