MINI TOUR perfected! #missionaccomplished

We’ve done it! It took a lot of tears and sleepless nights but we have finally perfected the concept of the “Mini Tour.” Many bands have attempted and all have failed…until now!

This weekend we will execute the flawless Mini Tour: TWO SHOWS. Just one show wouldn’t be a tour…too small, it would just be a show – duh. Three shows wouldn’t be the smallest possible Mini Tour. Not MINI enough. But two shows is enough to technically qualify our excursion as a tour but small enough to make it the most mini Mini Tour ever! The paragon of Mini Tours?!?

Things kick off Friday April 27 when We Are Architects present the Level Festival in Troy, NY. This is at the Arts Center, people. The facebook event page:

Then we head west on Saturday April 28 to Ithaca, NY to play at Cornell University. Bring your Music Theory I or Music Theory II homework during the soundcheck for free tutoring! The facebook event page:

Really looking forward to these shows. As Drake would say “You only live once” and “Crack a window, air it out.”

#minitour #bucketlist