Tour Diary 7/10/2011: Oakland CA at Lobot Gallery

Drove to Oakland. Dimples rocked the troll first. Kyle climbed up on a giant bail of hay and did a sick guitar solo. It was kinda cray. When is this band going to get signed to Uncle Kracker’s label? Jacob (of Extreme Animals) said Mikey (the drummer for dimples) looked like Max Weinberg (member of Conan O’Brien) and Kyle looked like Bruce (member of The Boss). Luckily they took it as a compliment. Seriously, what would Juiceboxxx think of Dimples? I guess we’ll never know.


High Castle played some serious musical music. T’was cool to see old friend Wilson from San Diego on the bass and the drummer laid down some “drum and bass” style riffs.

Andy/A Magic Whistle played again at this show. He did some hilarious post show banter, explaining how merch is sold – I guess you had to be there. His whistling was really on point that night, check out his mic stand if you ever get a chance to see him play! Kyle Swick played next, his spaced out synth jamz were accompanied with a bleeding wash of graphics.

@funnycookietime was in the house. @Box_eyes did a nice blog post that briefly mentioned our show:

Eyebeam MIXER September 2010  (24 of 84)

Stayed at the “venue” because I was too tired to drive anywhere. Thanks so much Lobot Gallery ;) #graywatertoilet

Tour Diary 7/9/2011: UC Irvine CA through Acrobatics Everyday

Woke up. Did our laundry, what they call in the industry a “double load”. Ate a ton of chocolate and candy and marsh mellows. Watched like 6 hours of MTVu. Went to Vice Cooler’s house and picked up a cow bell for the show on the way out of town.

Got to the “space” which was a cool trailer on the UC Irvine campus. Sam Farzin (Acrobatics Everyday) and his crew are “actively” holding it down in Orange County. I really have total respect for these people who are doing weird music shows in places that are weird (for different/maybe ill reasons).

Wyzard Khalyfa played first on a quilt. He used the sound of a babbling brook and did a peace sign at the end. A guy played last that also gnarred the droned pretty hard. #dronage Brains were activated. I looked at the promo tweets after the show, which said “the most chill with the most ANTI chill”. What a great description! I think the phrase “ANTI chill” is going to make it into our new bio.

Kyle Mabson DJed throughout the night, sitting at a desk with his back to the audience. It was kinda brilliant – what can I say, I’m a super fan.

After the show I almost got a boba (“bubble”) tea. Have you tried the flavor taro. Yes or no? I ended up getting a “coffee milk tea” instead. IDEGI.

Tour Diary 7/8/2011: Los Angeles at Dem Passwords

Drove down U.S. Route 101 (listening to a trance mix of Adele, much better than the original!) to Los Angeles and met up with Jacob’s sister, Jessica Ciocci, the famous performance artist/comedienne/writer/spiritual warrioress. We did a “triple bounce”: Juice (I got extra ginger), coffee, and froyo. Why not? It was froyo Friday.

Untitled by Jessica Ciocci

Jessica gave me a copy of her new book, a lot of early 2011 memories in there.

Went to Dem Passwords and Riff Raff was sound checking with Simon Rex…okay. Simon Rex played Jeff on the first season of my favorite show ever What I Like About You. OMG.

Loaded in and “the space” was filled with Matt Barton’s beautiful psychedelic, nature-esque art. I wish he had been at the show shredding on a half pipe, laughing and smiling in a baseball cap. Sebastian was being a total gentleman as usual, bless this guy BIG TIME.

Riff Raff’s performance was such a trip. I think someone got video of it, idk haha. I ate so much rice. Loved that Kyle Mabson was dropping Austin Powers “Yeah Baby” and Tim Allen grunts in between RR’s songs. I think Jacob Ciocci thought this song was about him:

A celebrity guest showed up at the end of the night. I don’t want to give it away but his first name begins with L and his last name ends with B. He had just bought a new car and he parallel parked it behind ours, uh…as Roba would say “AWKWARD.” Anyways, it was a trip to see him introduced to Jacob and hear him say “Respect to the video art”. ☺

Here is the poster that Jacob Ciocci made for the show, “like whoa.”

After the show we drove to Kyle Mabson’s mom’s house and I slept on an amazing #airmattress.

Tour Diary 7/7/2011: Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum

Woke up and went to the venue. We did a radio interview, I can’t even describe it. The first question was, “David, what is lofi?” It was kind of the best interview ever but listening back to the tape I realized I say “actually” between every other word. Sorry, I didn’t actually realize I was such a tool. Anyways, it really fun interview, fielded a lot of questions on “mosh ups”. Jacob kept comparing our music to antique shopping which I think I like better than our current press release.

Went back to the hotel for a shower and a nap and then drove back to the venue for the show. I left our DVDs back at the hotel so I drove back to the hotel and made it back to the venue 10 minutes before the show. Just enough time to chug some Chipotle hard shell taco’s while getting teased by the Museum administration for supporting McDonald’s, cool. I felt like dying inside, just some advice for all hosts: do not criticize the corporate nature of your guest eating habits right before they hit the stage because they may cry inside because they maybe a delicate flower.

During our set, when Jacob was giving the introduction but before we had played any music or video, a lady sitting on the front row asked us to turn it down.

Shout out to the amazing tech guy who changed out the projector in the last minute. Bless!

Tour Diary 7/6/2011: San Diego CA at the Che Cafe

Woke up and my pink eye was in pretty bad shape. Went to the UCSD health center but they turned me away. So I walked to Peet’s coffee and ordered an extra bold freddo. Everybody in La Jolla: make sure to hit up #FreddoFridays at Peet’s, two dollar freddos all summer long. That’s a good deal.

Anyway, went to Wholefoods and bought pink eye medicine and some Wellness Formula (under Greg Fox’s recommendation). Emailed Juiceboxxx to get some advice about dealing with pink eye on tour.

Tried to pick up my business cards that I had ordered in December 2010 from Imprints. They weren’t at the copy place so I went and got a froyo at Yogurtland, extra rainbow sprinkles. As I was walking home I ran in to Andy Puls (frm Neon Hunk/current A Magic Whistle) driving around lost in the maze that is the UCSD campus. I got in his car and took him back to Frankie Martin’s modern crib. We joked about his car getting pink eye and having one pink headlight…it seemed funny at the time. #dark

Frankie and Erik made us some delicious zucchini enchiladas with beans and rice and then we headed over the historic Che Café. This was the home for Drive Like Jehu, No Doubt, Mr. Bungle and even Simon and Garfunkel. A real important “venue” or “space”.

Cool to see so many of the old San Diego heads still holding it down: Sam Lopez, David Barclay, Skinny Greg, Growling Esteban, Boston Tristan, Author and Punisher’s GF, Chris Woo, Dr. Love, and many more.

Bruisecaster opened the show outside in the Che court yard. This band really plays with it’s heart on its sleeve. I was impressed by the direct lyrics and emotional delivery of the vokills.

Andy Puls’ new band A Magic Whistle was sich. The projected video feed back made his poncho look like a living, breathing tie dye. He used “home brewed” electronic instruments playing beautifully orchestrated, harmonically fantastical songs. Has Mammal heard this music? Gary, I think you would really like Andy’s band.

Q.Q. put on Yellow and Black jumpsuits and did collaboration with Wizard Khalifa. I had the honor of turning on the strobe light. I was so nervous I could hardly believe it. But I think I got it right, they were very polite afterwards even if I messed it up. Thank you for not breaking my fragile heart.

Author Punisher played last and it was completely ill. When is Godflesh gonna open for this guy? I mean, he really is the best of the best in this genre. If you like doom or industrial/doom or industrial or music you must check out San Diego’s THE Author and Punisher. Playing on a stool is definitely the new real deal. So hawt!

NTG Part 2 – Pressure by Author & Punisher

After the show we got into the Suzuki rental car and drove to Santa Barbara. Stayed in a room with a bunch of bats knocking over a cathedral. Jacob was like, “uh…did they pick this room out specifically for us?”

TEETH – “Care Bear” (Extreme Animals Remix)

Hi Y’all! ;) Here is our remix of the TEETH song “Care Bear.” I don’t really understand why there are Benjamins in the photo below, it seems like those bills should display the face of Her Majesty. After all TEETH is a British band…maybe this was a photo taken on their recent tour of the States.

What do you think, “lame or cool? cool or lame?”
Here is a link if you wanna buy it on Itunes, I think:

In other news, I made a new song “SOULJA BOY MEETS WORLD.” Hopefully Cory Matthews would be proud.
Soulja Boy Meets World by George_Costanza

Finally, here is a super duper old video that someone just posted. I think it is from 2006 in Berlin but that doesn’t seem right. Great vocals on this track, right? :)

Tour Diary 5/22/2011: New York at Anthology Film Archives

Drove back to NYC. “TRAFFIC!” Stopped at every Sheetz on the way, I got a sugar-free Mocha and Nachos. #diarrhea As we crossed the George Washington Bridge Jacob said, “Well…we stunk up the car.”

Rolled out of the car just in time to make it to the screening. Takashi Murata’s “I, Popeye” animation stole the show, obvs. Jacob was the only animator in the house. At the Q&A there were no Q’s. Eh?

Watch out West Coast! #JULY2011