October Tour Diary

#FROMTHEVAULT #SORRYSOLATE! So I’m going to listen to a lot of suicide silence and finally write the tour diary. Better late than never. MOSH!

October 7th – Pittsburgh PA at the VIA Music and New Media Festival

The sound guy was playing the new Nickelback while we were loading in, always a good omen. I don’t care what Detroit says Nickelback is my favorite Canadian Republican band, maybe ever.

We checked out the new Mega Target beforehand and picked up a venti from the imbedded Starbucks. I almost bought some Shaun White clothes in the boys’ section but instead opted to purchase two rubber rats from the dollar section.

I drank a six pack of vitamin water at the show – that stuff’ll run through you! There were so many techs in the house it was really impressive. After we finished playing our stuff was ushered off the stage in two shakes of a lambs tale.

October 8th – Bronx NY at the Museum of Moving Image with Anamanaguchi

Got up early and drove all day to get back to NYC. Stopped at a few Sheetz, loaded into the Museum of Moving Image. Anamanaguchi were there sounding hella tight during thier sound check. The green room was covered in grapes, which is the best food to eat on tour-very hydrating and refreshing. Guess which grape was preferred over the other, green or purple?

A lot of young people in the house, even my 23 year old friends were like, “I feel old” ☹ Box_eyes showed up with his crew and raged in the front row, so many internet heads were there: ryder, Leiaj, Lulinternet, bajamenjr, Ginsang.

Here is a video of our performance at MoMI.

Left the party with Lil_Hulchy and the _Youngbaby_ and went to Applebee’s. It was awesome! Turns out it was the best Applebee’s in the country! FYI, Queens you have to take advantage of this (there was a plaque, wish I had taken a twitpic!). I got a long island iced tea in a fish bowl. Standing outside after the show we saw country music legend, Jonny Corndawg.

This is Jonny Corndawg. I met him almost 10 years ago at the second Extreme Animals show ever. I live in his old room now. Yes, it has mojo.

October 9th – Philadelphia PA at Little Bar with Veiled

Ordered a bean taco when I got there which I totally respect them offering. A bean taco is a very rare beast, unlike the bean burrito. But the bean taco is so beautiful – so delicate. Met @spidertec from Providence which was cray cray. Talked about push ups with Andrew Jeffery Wright who had been working out. Learned you have to keep your elbows in underneath your body, not outside.

Veiled was insane, a polished product – total professionals. My only complaint is that they were too good. I would really like to do an internship with Rob Francisco some day and follow him around and learn how to live and be. After the show we went to Wawa and I got a cheese sandwich with mayo, wasabi and pickles. It was kind of disgusting but no regrets.

October 10th – Baltimore MD at The Depot with Future Islands, DJ Dan Deacon, DJ Schwarz, DJ Mark Brown. Hosted by Narwhalz.

So many twitter nerds were in the house that I kind of freaked out. Met MaggieLand – she bad. Talked to Narwhalz who wasn’t funny at all and was boring as hell. Schwartz and Mark Brown rocked the night on the turntables. People were moshing so hard to Future Islands that I could’nt even get into see them. It was packed “body to body”, “Mono y mono,” “Body Mods”. Light some drum and bass and glitch house from 1997. Dan Deacon DJ’d some obscure tracks at the end of the night.

Extreme Animals @ the Depot

Extreme Animals

October 11th – Day off

Woke up early and went to this Starbucks that I always go to in Baltimore. Drew a squirtle. A guy walked in with a giant jade necklace.

October 12th – Brooklyn NY at Death by Audio

One guy really raged out at this show, like he had his own way of dancing that I had never seen before. It was really great – part martial art, part parent dance moves, part trollstep – all focusing on his fanny pack. I think he kind of stole the shows with these insane moves. I mean I really don’t even have the kind of vocabulary in movement and dance to further describe what he was doing.

Extreme Animals at Death by Audio 10-12-2011. 2

I love how at this venue they always give you glass stones as drink tickets. It is hard to decide if I want to keep the magic stones or trade for a beer. A real “Jack and the bean stock” predicament. And you know it is not a bad show when the guy working the refreshment center buys a DVD, thank you sir! I think after the show we went to this place and bought fried pickles and salad. I’ve eaten more fried pickles in New York than I have in the entire time I lived in the South. It’s a crazy, crazy world.

October 13th – Providence at Paragon

Wow this place is laaaid back! Felt like I was entering Dre’s studio when I got there. Hung out with Mandysezz most of the night. Saw Mincemeat or Tenspeed play for the first time in like 2 years. I thought his new stuff was really amazing, he is definitely taking his sonic world to the next level. I love how he moves and dances while he plays, like a ballerina.

We played last for the tr00 heads who stuck around, it was awkward because everyone was like what ha ha kewl. It was a good night. I saw Xander and she was like the nicest person I saw on the entire tour. Maybe she thought I was someone else, it was like seeing my best friend from first grade or something. How is it that people just saying hi can make you feel that good?

October 14th – Boston MA at the Home Grown III festival

This show was part of a multi-day festival organized by my girl Dan Shea. Total professional sh*t. All of the bands played at the beginning all of this music and stuff. Anywayz, there were a lot of great young bands in a “robin style.”

makin music!

Horse Spirit Penetrates played and it was exciting and weird. Kieran broke a string, I wonder what gauge he uses? Maybe 11s? Anyways, they rolled with the flow and just kept going. That’s musicianship! #protip

Big Digits worked the crowd into a frenzy. They had two djs and brought their own lamps. I love how they are one of the few hip hop acts that think about “the space” ha ha very important. We played last. Jacob threw a bottled water on me. See you next year, 2012 is looking bright! ☺

December shows

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and “gobbled ’til you wobbled.” We are playing some really exciting shows in December.

Friday, December 2: The BCGF Rock ‘n Roll Review
9:00 pm at Union Pool / 484 Union Avenue # A, Brooklyn / $5 cover
An explosion of sound and vision from Extreme Animals, Mark Lord, and Devin, Gary & Ross (featuring animator Devin Flynn and artist Gary Panter). With interstitial video projection by Peter Burr (Hooliganship, Cartune Xprez).

and then MICRO TOUR WITH Yacht and Parenthetical Girls
12/04/11 Philadelphia, PA – First Unitarian Church
12/05/11 Pittsburgh, PA – REX Theater
12/06/11 Chicago, IL – Lincoln Hall without Parenthetical Girls

The last time we played with both Yacht AND Parenthetical Girls was in 2005 on our first west coast tour. It was at a festival that Jona (from Yacht) organized in Astoria, OR called Catch That Beat 2. There were so many amazing bands and people and a real “Pacific Northwest” vibe that I never knew existed. Here are two photos from our performance back in the day. Check out Yachts website for details on this epic festival of yore.

Extreme Animals Laser Tryp

Extreme Animals

I’m listening to Dave Matthews Pandora radio while I’m typing this, “do I make you horny, baby?”

TranceWAR 2011

We made a track for Trance War: “A competition to see which producer could make the biggest, baddest trance track in just a week.” Head on over to dis magazine and vote for a few of the tracks. Stay hydrated!

Tour Diary 7/15/2011: Vancounver BC at Needs More Ram Records

Nathaniel lost his wallet so we took him to brunch. I kept on trying to be more polite than the waitresses at the restaurant, I think I failed. I mean, c’mon, Seattle waitresses are probably the most polite, mild mannered people in the world.

When we came back to his apartment Nathanial had an important phone meeting so we packed our bags and crept out. Crossed the border and made it to Canada. Ate Indian Food with Gabber David and Shawna. Got back and the rock duo Cool Man was loading in at the venue, a record store with jam room in the back. @RappinDad showed up and Gak played, this band has a huge soul. Proving once again that scary and funny is still the best combination.

GAK – STAR TROPICS from Milleniumstar Windermere on Vimeo.

All the bands were great at this show, it was kind of insane. Cool Man group rocked out the troll screaming, what a power couple?!

Before we played Ben asked me if I wanted to borrow his wig for the set. I told him I already had a natural wig, hope that wasn’t rude. Audience really brought it when we played. There was major crowd surfing. When I looked out in the audience it was just a sea of hair flying as people headbanged!?! Lots of smiles and lots of bangs and I think there were a few goths in the club, much respect to the complicated state of your subculture! I got a wig caught on the headstock of my guitar during the set, that’s a first!

Went to a diner after the show with Tom. Got a grill cheese and french fries to celebrate the final night of tour.

Tour Diary 7/14/2011: Seattle WA at Electric Tea Garden

Drove to Seattle. Got to the cute venue early. Sound system looked amazing, huge subs…I’m talking “pro gear” here. Jacob took a nap in the car while I got some coffee at Café Vita and jammed on their free wifi (wait, have I typed that scenario like a million times in these tour diaries, haha sorry! “That’s Life!” :/).

Brain Fruit rocked the crowd with their synths. Sam Ruosso and Bankie Phones kept the party going until the weird hours of the morning. At 11:30 a bunch of kids in capes and pointy hats left the venue to go catch the midnight showing of Harry Potter 7.5. They were very polite about it though and snuck out without making a scene.

People/bands often complain about Seattle shows but this was really one of the funnest nights of the tour. Everyone was so enthusiastic, bouncing off the walls. There were no arms crossed in the shadows, no “mean mugging.”

After the show we went to our high school chum’s, Nathanial, house for some “R and R”. He lulled us to sleep with some sophisticated funk as he puttered around his apartment worried about a writing deadline. LULZ!

Tour Diary 7/13/2011: Portland OR at Holocene

Walked to a coffee shop and worked on the first part of the tour diary, free wifi. They forgot to put my espresso “on the rocks” and only had half and half. Guess what?: I’m fat, cool. Came back and Eric made a fantastic salad for me, what a host! Loaded in at Holocene and ate a pizza.

Breakfast Mountain played an extended set warming up the crowd with their processed found footage and synths. Rebecca Carlisle-Healy was jamming all night processing portraits of people’s faces. There was one moment in the evening when I looked up at the screen and there was a distorted image of @attica’s face with his eye’s photoshopped away as he DJed this glorious remix of “Moment’s in love”.

Megazord and E*Rock stole the show. Probably the best thing I’ve seen all year. E*Rock blazed some upbeat electro tracks while Megazord slammed on his computer opening hundreds of files and applications. Par Exemple: facebook, twitter, tumblr, Google+, PS2 and more. Things got really crazy when Adam Forkner (member of Purple and Green) joined in the dialogue from an off stage computer, all “deus ex machina” style. The performance ended with the Chronicles of Riddik and Akira playing with some original collaged videos. I thought da ‘Zord was going to rage until his computer crashed. Wish I had some screen shots to share. #cyberpunksnotdead #blackTeashades #hackerfashionisback

Tour Diary 7/12/2011: Portland OR at Mudai Lounge

Got a sich tour of the YU building from Adam (member of White Rainbow). It looks like great, nirvana-esque thngs are going to happen here. Megazord was there (duh) practicing racket ball. Met Justin from Green and Purple and he blew my mind with his new track called “Gay Bash”. Why isn’t this guy like the most famous artist of our time?!? #rolloverbeethoven

Gay Bash by jGreeN

Drank like nine million cups of coffee, c’mon it’s Portland. Ordered a side salad (or was it a small salad?) and chips and beans and rice (highly recommended). Freaked out when the restaurant played “like a pimp” because I guess that’s my song now(?!?!?). #lilflip #davidbanner #2003

Loaded in and then went and ate some fondue fries. #ew After we played some kid said, “play at a warehouse.” What does that even mean!?!? IDGI. White Fang killed it playing their “classic rock” set. CCR would have been proud. I know people are saying that their sound is maturing but I still believe they have that hungry fire. #erikonguitar

Went home and split a fancy beer that Jacob had bought at the Oakland Wholefoods. I fell asleep on a futon while Jacob and Eric Mast talked about art/design.

Tour Diary 7/11/2011: Day Off

Slept in. Called my Mom and told her I beat pink eye. Drove to Portland. Stopped at Ashland, OR and went to the Co-op and just bought a bunch of Methyl B-12. Jacob spent all the money he made from the previous shows on clothes at truck stops. He got this amazing giant (like XXXXXXL) red polo shirt. When he put it on in Portland he said, “Are there Crips in Portland?”