Tour Diary 7/15/2011: Vancounver BC at Needs More Ram Records

Nathaniel lost his wallet so we took him to brunch. I kept on trying to be more polite than the waitresses at the restaurant, I think I failed. I mean, c’mon, Seattle waitresses are probably the most polite, mild mannered people in the world.

When we came back to his apartment Nathanial had an important phone meeting so we packed our bags and crept out. Crossed the border and made it to Canada. Ate Indian Food with Gabber David and Shawna. Got back and the rock duo Cool Man was loading in at the venue, a record store with jam room in the back. @RappinDad showed up and Gak played, this band has a huge soul. Proving once again that scary and funny is still the best combination.

GAK – STAR TROPICS from Milleniumstar Windermere on Vimeo.

All the bands were great at this show, it was kind of insane. Cool Man group rocked out the troll screaming, what a power couple?!

Before we played Ben asked me if I wanted to borrow his wig for the set. I told him I already had a natural wig, hope that wasn’t rude. Audience really brought it when we played. There was major crowd surfing. When I looked out in the audience it was just a sea of hair flying as people headbanged!?! Lots of smiles and lots of bangs and I think there were a few goths in the club, much respect to the complicated state of your subculture! I got a wig caught on the headstock of my guitar during the set, that’s a first!

Went to a diner after the show with Tom. Got a grill cheese and french fries to celebrate the final night of tour.

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